Monday, June 8, 2015

Artist Highlight - Alphonse Mucha

So every now and then I want to do a post about an artist that inspires me.  Talk about their history and why I find them so great.

I wanted to start with the artist that has affected me the most:  Alphonse Mucha.

Mucha was born in 1860 a citizen of Czech.  The country was under control from one country or another at any given time and he witnessed many horrors that came from battles and disease.  Around 1877 Mucha gets kicked out of school and on his journey back decides to become an artist.

He first starts out doing decorative designs for magazines and theaters and between 1880-1894 he goes to art schools in Munich and Paris.

On December 26, 1895 Mucha is asked to do a commission which is later called 'Gismonda'.  This one piece is the work that shot Mucha to the top and is the beginning of the Art Nouveau movement. He became a superstar in Paris; and once started, the demand for his work never stops.

A section of the Slav Epic
He later returns to his native country which has become the Czechoslovakia and works nearly two decades on a piece called the Slave Epic which is dedicated to his people whom he never forgot.

Another section of the Slav Epic

He dies right before WWII breaks out.

When I first saw a Mucha painting (art history class), my heart sped up and my eyes started getting all prickly.  I had never seen artwork that had touched me so deep to the core.  The foundation, the basics, of his works are solid.  He has his own style, but he keeps the anatomy of the people perfect.  Mucha doesn't sacrifice good technical skills for his own personal flair.

I will always admire the decorative aspect he put in most all his paintings.  It's something I really have no patience for.  And while I love his Art Nouveau work I love his other work even more.

I especially love Le Pater.  Which is a book illustrating the Lord's Prayer; in this Mucha is trying to show man how to reach the Divine Ideal and I think it's some of his most beautiful work.

Le Pater

Le Pater

Le Pater
I've always loved art, but Mucha helped me create a passion for it.


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