Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Is This Play-Doh Edible?

So this weeks . . . last weeks? topic is on Maquettes.

What's that?  Is it a real thing or did I just make it up? 'Cause when I type it the computer is telling me that it doesn't exist, so that means it's not really a thing.

It's a French word describing a model one would make for a study they were doing.

Well, I'm an illustrator, why would I need to sculpt things?  My kind and always right school counselor didn't tell me about that!

Maquettes are especially useful if one is working with sequential art.  Comics, graphic novels, children's stories, ect.  It's also helpful if you are painting a made up character; something that doesn't really exist in real life.  Or a made up environment.

It helps you when you can't figure out what something would look like under different lighting situations or color temperatures.

I found this out when I made my own maquette.  His name is Jeb Fitzgerbel and he's a grumpy bartender.

Now when I did this I found that I was a truly awful sculptor (but I kind of found that out in 3D design, so no surprise there), but it doesn't have to be perfect in order for it to work.  Do Not Be So Attached To An Idea That It Ruins The Whole Artwork!

Once you've sculpted your piece turn on the lights and do a little photo shoot.  Take pictures from all different angles and also with different light settings.

And then you get to work.

Use any medium that you desire.  I used acrylic (it was for extra credit (but I also like acrylic, so I still enjoyed the process)).

I found that in black and white I wasn't so worried about copying the right color and found myself playing with color temperature instead.  Warm cools and cool warms.  Colors where I didn't think they would naturally be, but looked natural to be there.

It was a whole new experience and one that I highly recommend.  I would check out James Gurney, he uses maquettes quite a bit and his art speaks for itself.

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